About the WG Cultures and Diversity in RM & A


- to raise awareness of the effects and impact of different cultures in today’s research as represented within the multi-cultural EARMA community
- to understand how cultures and diversity affect the field of RMA (including implications of not dealing with cultural issues)
- to understand how gender equality can improve research and innovation, as well as RMA
- to share this awareness and knowledge with stakeholders (members and non-members)
- to facilitate the embedding of the cultures, diversity and the gender dimension in core activities in RMA
- to look for best cases and experiences of sharing knowledge on cultures, but also of facilitating cultural encounters (among staff and researchers, within and outside the institution, at meetings, coaching, preparation, internationalisation for research purposes, etc.) and address issues arising from these cases
- to pop up events in relation to cultures and diversity in RMA (through the EARMA Academy)
- to induce HR staff/stakeholders/policy makers/consultants/business to address these issues.

Members of the Working Group

Olaf Svenningsen 
WG Chair
Head of Southern Denmark Research Support 

Susi Poli 
WG point of contact - Email
Doctoral candidate at IOE UCL London and senior manager
Higher Education and Research Management at Bologna University 

Paula Wennberg 
Project manager,
Lulea University of Technology

Andreja Zulim de Swarte
Research funding advisor,
University Medical Centre Utrecht,
The Netherlands

Frank Heemskerk  
Editorial Board Member at EPMA Journal, 
EARMA ambassador, 
now based in India running EU projects.

Olga Gritsai 
Advisor research funding FdR/FMG,
University of Amsterdam.– The Netherlands.

Jakob Feldtfos Christensen 
AU Research Support and External Relations,
Aarhus University. 

Sheila Vidal
Head of Research Funding Affairs Unit,
Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência.

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Advanced Training Centre (FTU)
Research Professional is  EARMA’s Official Media Sponsor. 


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