EARMA International Host Institution

EARMA is looking for Institutional Members who are willing to become host institutions for EARMA's International Fellowship program in the year 2016 operating in conjunction with NCURA in the US .

The EARMA International Fellowship program is a joint initiative between EARMA and NCURA which has two underlying objectives: (i) the training of research administrators, and (ii) enhancing International, US and European research collaboration.  This program is intended to reduce barriers to international research administration and create an administrative environment conducive to international collaboration.  There is an ever increasing amount of international research collaboration, and this fellowship hopes to create a pool of individuals who are able to interpret a multitude of various sponsor requirements and assist their institution with administrative compliance – from application submission through financial reporting and closeout.

The program will provide an opportunity for European and US research administrators to travel to research organizations abroad and immerse themselves in a program of mutual learning and knowledge exchange.

Conditions and Costs

The EARMA international Fellowship Program works in parallel with the NCURA programme. 

  • If somebody comes to an EARMA member from NCURA, NCURA gives the traveller a grant. The institute does not receive funding.
  • If somebody goes to an NCURA member from EARMA, EARMA will provide a grant towards the cost of travel. The institute does not receive funding.

In both cases, the grant is intended to cover some of the travellers costs, if they are more than that the sending Institute would be expected to pick them up.

EARMA also expects that where we support a Fellow, the Fellow's home Institution would accept a Fellow from abroad.

The duration is normally about a week to 10 days. 

The Fellow should come with a programme agreed between Fellow and Host that would normally include learning how the host operates and the opportunity for the Fellow to present how their Home Institution works and the similarities and differences. Other things are also possible;

1. Asking the Fellow to present funding opportunities, offered by the Home country that Host country researchers can apply for.

2. Being part of evaluation panels for Host-internal competitions

3. Delivering a guest lecture

4. Bringing a workshop with them that they will run while they are there.

If your institution is interested in becoming a host institution please contact secretary@earma.org. We would be most grateful if you could specify the number of places you would be willing to host and the preferred time of year.

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Advanced Training Centre (FTU)
Research Professional is  EARMA’s Official Media Sponsor. 


EARMA represents the community of Research Managers and Administrators within Europe. Our members work at the forefront of building the European Research Area.


For any comments, ideas or feedback please contact us earma@earma.org
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