The EARMA Mentoring Programme (EMP)

The purpose with the EARMA Mentoring Programme (EMP) is to create a scheme which enables EARMA institutional members to enhance the research support/management functions & capacities. In this scheme the focus is on development of a group/an office or a function rather than a single individual. The ambition is that the research support/management functions will mentor each other, share knowledge and experience and through the programme become more efficient in research management and administration.

Who Is the EMP for?

The EMP is for EARMA institutional members.

What are the objectives of the EMP

The EMP has three underlying objectives:

1. The development of effective research support/management functions.

2. Mentoring, exchange of best practice and experience between research support/management functions.

3. Enhancing international research collaboration through the building of strong links between research support/management functions.


The application is made by a partnership of at least two EARMA institutional members in two different countries. In line with the objectives of the programme, they must provide an agreed workplan, describing what is to be mentored, how the work will be done, what are the success criteria for that work programme and the duration of the project.

How do I apply?

In the first instance, send the partner names and the workplan to The Board will collect these once a quarter and will decide on which proposals to award. The Board's decision is final.

How do I claim the grant?

The grant is paid on the following conditions;

1. A report of the project,

2. A vouched statement of the costs of the project. (In accordance with the EARMA Expenses Protocol)

How do I receive the grant?

The grant is a support to a mentoring partnership that may or may not exist. The grants will not cover the entire cost of the programme of work up to the value of €1,000.

Why do you not support event registration fees?

The grant is a mobility grant to the short term study visits envisaged by the workplan.


The Secretary

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