EARMA operates a number of funding schemes to support its objectives. Chief among these funding schemes are the Fellowships, Travel Bursaries and Grants in aid of various activities. All the programmes have three underlying objectives:

  • The training of research administrators
  • Exchange of best practise between research administrations systems
  • Enhancing international research collaboration through building strong links between research administration systems.

Relevant Grants and Funding Related Documents for download

EARMA Fellowships

The EARMA Fellowship Programme supports short term exchanges between Research Offices both internationally and within Europe. ….

EARMA's Open Lecture Access Forums (OLAF)

In an EARMA OLAF event a presenter from an EARMA event repeats the presentation, seminar or workshop at a separate event in a local, regional or national research environment…

EARMA Travel Bursary Scheme

The EARMA Travel Bursary Scheme supports EARMA members travelling to networking events hosted by EARMA or our Sister Professional Associations…

EARMA Activity Grants

The Board is developing a programme to support EARMA activities that might be hosted by EARMA members...

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Advanced Training Centre (FTU)
Research Professional is  EARMA’s Official Media Sponsor. 


EARMA represents the community of Research Managers and Administrators within Europe. Our members work at the forefront of building the European Research Area.


For any comments, ideas or feedback please contact us earma@earma.org
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