EARMA Digital

How can you keep connected in 2021?

By joining us for the EARMA Digital package

We have introduced an exciting new online events programme as part of the EARMA Digital package for our community to ensure that we learn and grow together in new ways in 2021. We will also be introducing a new website and online members’ area very soon for you to enjoy.

Check out the video below.


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The EARMA Digital package includes more than 40 hours of online activities to take part in or watch back on video: 

  • EARMA Digital Conference
  • Digital series
  • Networking sessions
  • Digital library

Digital Conference

Following the success of the first EARMA Digital Conference in October 2020, we have agreed to host a similar but improved event in 2021.  We will hold an event more similar to a physical conference while keeping in mind the online nature of the gathering. This means bringing in more speakers and parallel session, which will all come from the call for abstracts published for the Prague Conference but with a quicker pace over 5 shorter days. It will take place from Wednesday 14 April to Tuesday 20 April. Recordings will be available to conference delegates and will remain available throughout the year for EARMA Digital subscribers.

Digital Series

Sometimes it takes time to fully articulate important ideas. That’s why EARMA will host several series of events throughout 2021. Taking a hot topic relevant to RMA, we will explore the various sides of the subject so our community can receive a rounded view whilst also providing many opportunities to interact and engage with our guest speakers. There will be 6 digital events spread across the year, which will each be approximately 90 minutes in length and will aim to run at a quicker pace in a similar format to that of the first EARMA Digital Conference. Check out the scheduled events up to April 2021 in our programme.

Networking sessions

EARMA is not just an organisation, we are a community of professionals known for the close comradery we share with our colleagues. Although more difficult to achieve online, EARMA will explore new and innovative event formats designed to allow you to meet new contacts. We will host 6 events during 2021. Check out the scheduled events up to April 2021 in our programme.

Digital library

If you would like to catch-up with an event you have missed, our digital library will provide you with a treasure trove of videos to keep you up-to-date and to help you develop. Simply login and enjoy here. Please use the password issued to EARMA Digital subscribers via email.


As we progress with this endeavour, we will be adding new sessions to our events section. You can view the schedule as it is populated here.


Members: €545 EURO (excl. VAT)

Non-members: €985 EURO (excl. VAT)


If you would like to know more about this package or have any other queries, please email earma@earma.org.


I already have the EARMA Digital Content from the option I choose following from my Oslo Conference registration? How does this relate?

Those entitled to the Digital Content will get the full EARMA Digital Package instead. This means you will get all the events, the recordings and we have included the Digital Conference in addition to thank you for your support.

I am holding a voucher from the option I choose following from my Oslo Conference registration? How does this relate?

You can use your voucher to register for the EARMA Digital Package and fully redeem it in this way. Alternatively, you can wait for the opening of the registration of the conference and redeem your voucher at that time in addition to a 350 euro refund. In the last case, you will only be registered for the online conference. You voucher must be used in 2021 and cannot be transferred to 2022.