Completion of the qualification will involve up to 180 hours over 18 months.

Participation Requirements

Each student undertaking the Certificate In Research Management qualification will be required to

  • Identify a Professional Mentor to provide support throughout the qualification. Read more about the Professional mentor in our  Professional Mentor Guidance Brochure!
  • Plan the sequence and pace at which you wish to undertake the qualification. Submit a Study Work Plan, choose your Optional Units.
  • Undertake min. 45 hours formal learning in total, at least 24 hours via EARMA Workshops.
  • Undertake a minimum of 18 hours contact time with your Professional Mentor.
  • Undertake a minimum of 135 hours self-guided learning, such as work shadowing, secondment, peer support,  include reading, research and the preparation of written assignments.
  • Complete assessed work for six units, submit assignment for one optional and five mandatory. Submit Learning Record Sheets, including a record of what has been learned from the study.

Formal learning 

There is a requirement to undertake a minimum of 45 hours including at least 40 hours gained via EARMA workshops and 18 hours of contact time with your Professional Mentor.

Other formal learning might include participation on the Induction session, mentoring, work-shadowing, secondment or peer-support meetings.

Course Units

Mandatory Units

    1. Developing and Implementing Policy and Strategy
    2. Understanding the International and European Research Environment
    3. Managing and Supporting the Development of a Project Portfolio
    4. Gender and Diversity in Research Management
    5. Working with Management Information

The Mandatory Units are held as one day workshops.

Optional Units

    1. Identifying New Opportunities for Funding
    2. Optimising Unit and Organisational Effectiveness

The optional units will be delivered as online webinars.

Informal Learning

EARMA encourages students to build up their professional network via the Alumni Network or with their CRM cohort to assist each other with day to day queries.

Professional Mentor

All students will be required to identify an individual willing to act in the capacity of professional mentor, to support the student’s engagement with the qualification. Meetings involve up to 18 hours contact time with the professional mentor.

Become an EARMA Institutional Host

If your institution is interested in becoming a host institution please contact We would be most grateful if you could specify the number of places you would be willing to host and the preferred time of year.