Student Support

The following resources will be available to all participants studying towards the qualifications:

Professional Mentor

All students will be required to identify an individual willing to act in the capacity of professional mentor, to support the student’s engagement with the qualification. This could be someone from their own or a different institution but who is not normally their line manager. The role of the professional mentor is to:

  • Help the student develop their Study Work Plan; choose optional units
  • Act as a sounding board for the student’s thoughts, questions and ideas
  • Advise on learning and study skills
  • Provide support and encouragement as the student progresses through the qualification.

The professional mentor will normally be a research manager or administrator or have a strong background knowledge of the profession and related issues.

For more information on this please see the Professional Mentor Guidance.

Students are encouraged to establish a Cohort Forum.

The student cohort contact is

Establishment of the Alumni Network:

The graduation of students from the first EARMA Certificate in Research Management programme was celebrated at the EARMA Annual Conference in Luleå, 21st of June, 2016. These students have decided to establish an EARMA Alumni Network. The EARMA Alumni Network idea was presented at the INORMS Conference in Melbourne, by the Certificate graduate Jakob Feldtfos Christensen, Research Support Officer at Aarhus Universitet og Aarhus Universitetshospital, Denmark. The Alumni network would like to invite all students who have undertaken similar training programmes from our sister organizations to collaborate across the Continents and discuss the ideas described on the Alumni poster at INORMS. We had so much fun together exchanging our experiences that we would like to ask others to join us to share experiences and practices, differences and similarities; to promote lifelong learning; to support continuous professional development; to assist in evaluating/assessing/training new cohorts; to develop a mentoring practice for new cohorts; to jointly publish assessments of supra-national methodologies, best practice research management initiatives and policies and much much more.

Today, the EARMA Alumni Network is part of the EARMA Professional Development Working Group. If you would like to contact us, please send us an e-mail to:

Become an EARMA Institutional Host

If your institution is interested in becoming a host institution please contact We would be most grateful if you could specify the number of places you would be willing to host and the preferred time of year.