Anna-Karin Larsson

Örebro, Sweden

Anna-Karin Larsson (PhD) works as a senior research advisor in Grants Office at Örebro University in Sweden. In the late 1990s she studied History and graduated with a teachers exam from Örebro University in Sweden.

She then started her academic research career in History and wrote a thesis on The Girl in the Medicine in Medical History about children and health at the turn of the century 1900. After receiving her PhD she worked as a lecturer and researcher in History and Gender Studies at undergraduate level. She was also involved in two separate governmental investigations at the Ministry of Culture in Sweden and the Swedish Parliament Administration as a research assistant. She has been working with research management and university administration since 2008. At the Grants Office she works with supporting researchers within the Humanities and Social Sciences and her responsibilities include pre-award services for national as well as EU-funding. She holds seminars for researchers on various topics such as grant writing, career development, research strategies and match making. Since 2014 she has represented the Swedish research advisor’s network in the national reference group for Societal Challenge 6: Europe in a Changing World in Horizon 2020. Her background in research and teaching in History and Gender Studies, combined with expertise in administrative support and counseling in external research funding, forms the basis of her interest and knowledge in issues concering gender, diversity and EU funding.

Patricia Ruiz Noppinger

Dresden, Germany

Patricia studied Biology in Madrid (Spain) and Salzburg (Austria) and received her PhD at the Basel Institute for Immunology (Switzerland) in 1994.

Until 1998 she was EMBO and TMR-Marie Curie postdoctoral fellow in the department of Prof. W. Birchmeier at the Max-Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin (Germany) before she took over a group leader position at the Department of Vertebrate Genomics at the Max-Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics (Berlin). In 2002 she moved with her group to the Center for Cardiovascular Research, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin and two years later became Associate Professor at the same institution. In 2010, she took on the role of Scientific Coordinator at the Deans Office and the Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center before changing gears in 2011 as Lead Scientific Affairs to the BASF affiliate Metanomics Health GmbH. In 2013 she moved to the Technische Universität Dresden where in her current position she heads the Department for Research Management at the Faculty of Medicine. In addition, Prof. Ruiz Noppinger holds a certified coaching training of the German Coaching Association and works as a freelance coach (

Dr. Bodil Formark

Umeå, Sweden

Dr. Bodil Formark works as an International Research Coordinator at Grants Office, Umeå University in Sweden.

In her work at Grants Office Formark primarily works with Horizon 2020 and, due to her research background, with a particular interest in issues concering SSH-integration and the integration of gender within the framework programme. Dr. Formark’s activities as a researcher have primarily been within the fields of History, Gender Studies and Girlhood Studies. She currently also works part of her time at Umeå Centre for Gender Studies as coordinator of FlickForsk! Nordic Network for Girlhood Studies.

Rob Johnson

Nottingham, UK

A member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, Rob began his career at KPMG, the international professional services firm, working with higher education institutions in both the UK and New Zealand.

He then moved to the University of Nottingham as Research Financial Controller, and subsequently Head of Research Operations. His responsibilities at Nottingham included pre- and post-award management of research, negotiation with key customers on high value/high risk contracts, research reporting/management information and development of research business processes and systems. Rob also served as Company Secretary for the University’s IP commercialisation company, Eminate Limited, and UNIP Management Limited, which operates the University’s Innovation Park. He holds an MSc in Management (Higher Education Administration) from Loughborough University. On leaving the University of Nottingham in early 2013, Rob founded Research Consulting which provides a professional consultancy service to clients in higher education, industry and academic publishing. He now supports a wide range of organisations in professionalising their approach to the management of research, and has delivered training sessions in Europe, North America and the Middle East.

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