Member Benefits

Member benefits

Why be a member?

  • Network with research managers and administrators from around 350 institutions in 40 countries
  • Share and learn best practices from fellows to facilitate your daily work
  • Get access to 8 digital presentations, 10 “Coffee with EARMA” sessions and an EARMA members’ networking platform during 2021 as part of new additional digital benefits
  • EARMA members enjoy large discounts on EARMA Digital events and activities
  • Apply to receive virtual event grants now and to receive travel grants (to be used after the current unprecedented public health situation)
  • Opportunities for further personal development and to build on your CV by being active in the Board, Standing Committees or Thematic Groups
  • Stay informed on the current developments on the RMA profession via our newsletter

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Become an EARMA Institutional Host

If your institution is interested in becoming a host institution please contact We would be most grateful if you could specify the number of places you would be willing to host and the preferred time of year.