Standard Operating Procedures for Research Integrity (SOPs4RI)

EARMA has partnered in the SOPs4RI H2020 project together with other 12 organisations across Europe. SOPs4RI aims to stimulate transformational processes across European Research Performing Organisations and Research Funding Organisations (RPOs &RFOs). Its main objective is to promote excellent research and a strong research integrity culture that aligns with the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity.

EARMA brings added value to the project by incorporating the expertise of RPO administration and management. For this project, it mainly concerns the Ethics and Research Integrity Office but also the managers and directors of research support offices in charge of developing the policies and procedures and monitoring compliance. EARMA will maximise the chances of the implementation and dissemination of the project results among research administrators across Europe.

The Ethics and Research Integrity Officers Network (ERION) within EARMA is a key stakeholder for the SOPS4RI project. The ERION community seeks to exchange best practices and share rules and procedures to improve the ethics and integrity practice at their respective RPO. The group includes more than 200 practitioners and a network of over 120 RPO’s.

Specific objectives
• Ensure a comprehensive development process: SOPs4RI takes a mixed-methods, co-creative approach to the development and empirical validation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Guidelines to cultivate research integrity and reduce detrimental practices
• Involvement of key stakeholders: Through comprehensive empirical research and inclusion of core user groups, SOPs4RI will develop an array of SOPs and Guidelines that are sensitive to the organisational context and the academic domain in which they will be applied.
• Building on knowledge from other EU and national projects: SOPs4RI will collaborate with other relevant EU-funded research projects and national projects in order to make use of these projects’ knowledge and key findings.

The main output of SOPs4RI will be an online, freely accessible and easy-to-use ‘toolbox’ that can help RPOs and RFOs cultivate research integrity and reduce detrimental practice (view Toolbox). The end product of SOPs4RI thus addresses needs of RPOs and RFOs, contributing to solving problems related to research integrity and enabling positive change.SOPs4RI in a nutshell:
• Starting date: January 1, 2019
• Duration: 48 months
• 12 partners from 10 member states

For more information about the SOPs4RI project, please visit the project website.
For questions, please contact Borana Taraj.